Stalls Trading from 4pm – 9pm*

* Note change in trading times from 2019

** Due to COVID 19 Restrictions this event will need to be at Freeling Recreation Park (Football Oval) to be a Covid Safe Event
Inside and Outside stalls still available!

Stallholder Applications Closed at 10pm on 31st October feel free to be on our cancellation list.

 Stallholder Information

Freeling Christmas Street Party is an annual non-profit family orientated community event. The night includes stalls, predominantly run by local Clubs and residents – as well as a street parade, rides and jumpy castles, a live band and other entertainment. Father Christmas makes an appearance on the night with some freebies for the kids, and our large raffle gets drawn.

Please read the Stall Terms & Conditions prior to applying for this event.

Stallholder Terms & Conditions

The acceptance of this stallholder registration is subject to: –

  1. The stallholder agreeing to All the Conditions of the application as contained herein.
  2. The stallholder paying the prescribed fee.
  3. The stallholder providing a copy of all appropriate insurances as required.

General Conditions

** Special COVID-19 Condition for 2021 we will require lots of Covid Marshal’s – would your Business/Sporting Club/Community Group be able to provide us with 1 Covid Marshal for a duration of 2 hours across the afternoon/evening? Your allocated person will need to have done the Covid Marshal Training and we will be doing a roster of people to do this role across the event time of 4pm – 11pm.
After the event once their commitment has been met on Street Party Night we will refund $10 of your stall fee.
Many hands make light work and for this event to go ahead we will need many extra hands this year.
We will need your nominated person’s Name and Mobile Ph number as well as a copy of their Covid Marshal Certificate sent to us upon application or no later than 1st November so we can add it to our Covid Management Plan for SA Health.
If we can’t get enough volunteers for this role to cover the whole event at first we may ask if the Sporting Clubs/Community Groups can supply us a 2nd Marshal or do a 2nd shift.
  1. The stallholder agrees to indemnity and to keep indemnified the Freeling Christmas Street Party Committee, its servants and agents and each of them from and against all actions, costs, claims, damages, charges and expenses whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against them or any of them arising out of or in relation to their acceptance to hold a stall.
  2. The stallholder shall take out and keep current a public liability insurance policy in the name of the stallholder insuring the stallholder for the minimum sum of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) against all actions, costs, claims, damages, charges and expenses whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against the stallholder in relation to the activity. The stall holder may pay an additional fee to Freeling Christmas Street Party Committee for public liability insurance but availability is limited. NOTE SPORTING CLUBS, SOLE TRADERS AND REGISTERED BUSINESSES MUST HAVE THEIR OWN INSURANCE AS OUR POLICY CAN NOT COVER THEM. AUZI Marketstall Insurance you can purchase one day only Insurance or is very affordable for 12 months.
  3. The stallholder must provide a copy of Public and Products Liability insurance cover to the Committee. Such policy shall bear the endorsement of the insurer indicating the insurer accepts the indemnity given by the stallholder.
  4. The stallholder, where appropriate, shall ensure that it is licensed or registered to carry out the activity authorised by the issuing of your acceptance. Licenced or registered means that (eg) food venders have a Food Business Notification number (FBN), amusement providers have SafeWork SA registration for their equipment, those selling Alcohol have a Liquor Licence, those working with children have a DCSI/Police Clearance to do so.
  5. Your acceptance is not transferable.
  6. The stallholder shall comply with and give all notices required by any Act of Parliament, Ordinance, Regulation or By-law relating to the activity.
  7. Food sales are permitted in compliance with the Food Act 2001 and Food Safety Standards.
  8. Light Regional Council’s Environmental Health Officer must be notified of all food sale activities in accordance with regulations under the Food Act 2001.
  9. Stallholder to hold music sound to a level that is acceptable for the immediate location.
  10. Freeling Christmas Street Party Committee shall ensure that the site(s) selected does not impinge onto local business access or restrict pedestrian or emergency services vehicular movement along the road reserve (including the footpath).
  11. Stallholders will ensure their site does not extend outside their allocated space.
  12. Stallholders will ONLY Liase with the FCSP Committee any queries about their stall and will not liase with local businesses to discuss placement of their stalls. Preference of a position may be asked but there is NO GUARANTEE. FCSP Committee placement of your stall is FINAL.
  13. Stallholders are not to drink excessive amounts of alcohol or use non family friendly language while serving the public. This is a family friendly event and excessive alcohol use or swearing being reported to the committee by the public and you will be asked to refrain or be asked to leave if continues after a warning.
  14. The stallholder shall ensure that its site or sites are left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the event. Failure to do so may result in cleaning fees being charged.
  15. The use of power by stallholders shall not exceed that agreed to and approved by the Light Regional Council and/or Freeling  Christmas Street Party Committee.
  16. This application is liable to be revoked by Freeling Christmas Street Party Committee if the stallholder fails to comply with a condition of this application or may be revoked in any other justifiable circumstance. This application will not be taken into consideration until proof of the appropriate insurance has been provided to the Committee
  17. Applications will not be finalised until the appropriate stall and/or insurance fee/s are paid.
  18. Wet Weather Policy – WE WILL NOT CANCEL unless the weather is a danger to the public but thankfully Freeling has the F.A.R.M Centre (Freeling Agriculture, Recreation & Multi-use Centre) that we may be able to move to if the need arises.

Please complete our Online Stallholder Application Form or contact us on for a Word Version of the Application Form. * Online is preferred if possible

STALL FEES BYO Everything – All stallholders will be invoiced in 2021 for our record keeping
STALL 3m x 3m OUTSIDE          $50.00

Double 6m x 3m                          $75.00

Triple 9m x 3m                            $100.00

STALL 2.5m x 2m INSIDE   (LIMITED SPOTS)    $50.00



Insurance (limited insurance positions available)            $15.00

NOTE SPORTING CLUBS, SOLE TRADERS AND REGISTERED BUSINESSES MUST HAVE THEIR OWN INSURANCE AS OUR POLICY CAN NOT COVER THEM. AUZI Marketstall Insurance you can purchase one day only Insurance or is very affordable for 12 months.

Electricity (limit: 1 outlet supplied if requested – Limited spots available for non Food Vendors) Included

Applications will be accepted until 31st October 2021. Second round of acceptance will be given out October 10th and all remaining applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by the 7th November 2020 at the latest.

Payment MUST be submitted ASAP after being accepted and receiving your invoice to have a stall unless prior arrangements have been made with a committee member.

All accepted stallholders will receive a XERO Invoice for their Fees. If payment is not received by cob Fri November 12th your stall will be cancelled.
Please email us on if you have any queries.

Stall Coordinator – Michele